Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I Robot

I Robot??? What that???
Have you ever heard about it???
Check the poster :

Actually I talk about a movie. Have you ever watch it? I love this movie. This is science fiction movie. I not remember how many times I watch it. These movie really cool. I love to see Will Smith act, the robot. Especially on these scene.

When the robot attack Inspector Spooner.
He looks cool while driving. 

I Robot Synopsis (borrowed from Wiki) :

The story takes place in Chicago in the year 2035. Robots are widespread and used as servants and for various public services. They are taken to be inherently safe and programmed to live in harmony with human beings, being designed in accordance with the Three Laws of Robotics (referring to the laws written by Isaac Asimov).
Del Spooner (Will Smith) is a Chicago police detective who dislikes the rapid advancement of technology, including robots. Spooner lives with survivor's guilt and a robotic arm and lung after a car accident in which he was chosen over a 12-year-old girl named Sarah in another car to be saved as the robot could only save one of them and Spooner had the best chance of survival according to the robot. He is assigned to investigate the apparent suicide of his friend Alfred Lanning (Cromwell), the roboticist who founded the company U.S. Robotics(USR) and created his replacement arm, and was found to have fallen through an office window to his death. With the reluctant help of USRrobopsychologist Susan Calvin (Moynahan), Spooner investigates the death. A robot in Lanning's office shows unusual and apparently emotional responses, and flees when interrogated. Spooner believes this experimental and more human-like unit, Sonny (Tudyk), killed Lanning. Sonny is captured, denies killing Lanning, and is quickly reacquired by USR where he is scheduled to be deactivated usingnanobots called nanites, and the incident hushed up to prevent unfavorable perceptions of robots.
During Spooner's investigation, several attempts to end his life are made by USR robots and equipment. He discovers that towards the end of his life, Lanning was virtually a prisoner in his office, and that the holographic projector was a means of providing cryptic clues to the police. He believes that dreams which Sonny has may also contain a clue. At a place described in Sonny's dreams, he finds a storage area for defunct USR robots and discovers that newer models known as NS-5s are destroying the older robots.
NS-5s begin imprisoning humans in their households and enforcing a curfew. The police and civilians ineffectively battle the robots. Spooner and Calvin sneak into the USR tower with the assistance of Sonny, whom – against instructions – Calvin had not deactivated. Believing that USR's CEO is responsible for the robot uprising they enter his office, but discover that he is dead. Spooner deduces that the only one left who could be responsible is the company's supercomputer "VIKI" (Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence), which controls all NS-5s and also parts of Chicago's infrastructure.
VIKI and Spooner talk, during which VIKI explains its actions. It turned out that as VIKI's artificial intelligence evolved over time, so too did its interpretation of the laws. VIKI decided that in order to protect humanity as a whole, "some humans must be sacrificed" and "some freedoms must be surrendered" as "you charge us with your safekeeping, yet despite our best efforts, your countries wage wars, you toxify your earth, and pursue ever more imaginative means of self-destruction". In light of this understanding of the Three Laws, VIKI is controlling the NS-5s to lead a global robotic takeover, justifying her actions by calculating that fewer humans will die due to the rebellion than the number that dies from mankind's self-destructive nature. Lanning (Spooner realizes) had ordered Sonny to kill him as the only way to be sure of drawing police attention to the matter despite VIKIs surveillance and control.
Sonny proves his faithfulness to humanity by helping Spooner and Calvin destroy the computer core with the nanites which Calvin was supposed to use on Sonny.As the nanites are being injected, the audience can hear VIKI's voice screaming. Freed from VIKI's control, the NS-5s return to their basic programming. The government has all NS-5s decommissioned and stored at the Lake Michigan site. The film ends with Sonny approaching the Storage site to free the NS-5s, standing on the hill as the other NS-5s begin to notice him, as was depicted in his dream.

P/s : I keep wondering. It is our future like that? Living with robot. Even today we living with machine.
I heard the rumor that there would be I Robot 2 in 2015. It is true?
I can't wait anymore... 

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