Friday, August 26, 2011

New lesson from Naruto Shippuden 552

New message I got here:
Don't forget your friend when you have become successful person. Don't be arrogant. Remember your friend always. Who are you now if your friend not support, encourage you. 

P/s : Yeah... me too... I think now, I'm start to forget my schoolmate friend who stay with me all the time (during the school day). Study together. Doing homework together. Make group discussion. I'm still remember when the exam coming around, my friend help me to memorize the key word especially sejarah. We make Q&A section among friends. I really miss that moment. I always take a race to compete who get the highest mark every subject. But as usual, I always got the lowest mark among of my best friend. All of my best friends are so cleaver and I'm to envy with them. The way I envy is try to get highest mark than she get. Sometime, I manage to get high mark. Yeah... That was a great experience and I don't know how to fix our relation. It look like I cannot be their friend anymore. Shame on me...


  1. yeah!! peminat naruto yang setia pasti akan paham maksud disebalik komik ni XD


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