Monday, August 15, 2011

Why we need to study? Any Idea?

We need to study because of :

A - Friend / Teenager trend ?
- My friend come to school everyday.. So that why I need to study
- I heard that my friend got application for study. So what about me? I also want too..
- I feel envy with my friend. 
B - Money / Get better job?

My mom always tell me... If you lazy, you wont success...
- The way you can become rich man is study...
- You won't get better job if your grade not A++

C - Fill out the leisure time?
- Study is the way for me to fill out all my  time.
- I have a lot of time now and don't know what to do... Why not we study some topic?
D - Allah / Ibadah ?

- I'm study because of Allah.
- I want to build up the new generation of ummah,The ummah who love the knowledge and full with attitude.
- I want to create the thing that bring more benefit to human kind especially for our muslim.

E - My mom and My dad / Poor condition?

- My parent always force me..
- The way to increase my family income.
- Feel sympathy with the strong will of survive that have been shown on my parent face.
So guys... Which one you choose? You want to choose A or B or C or D or E?  or you have better idea?


  1. how about?

    all of above answer? :)

  2. Wah... You have so many reason for study... Maybe all the answer are correct but how about the better reason? The main reason why we need to study... I guest you know the answer...


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