Monday, August 15, 2011

How your future plan? Have you?

We really need future plan in our life...for future benefits...
When you need money, you still have a money that you have keep it long ago.
When you not able to get a job, you still have a skill and built your life with the skill.
When you sick, you have something to cure your illness.. Unless, you still have money to buy the medicine.

If you failed to plan you live... You should be like THESE when something happen....

Bad mood all the time. Always blaming others

Even bad... Stealing, Snatching, Kidnapping, Killing... Just to earn  the MONEY
When you faced these situation, 
Suzy has washing machine on her house. She has used it for 5 years. Based on Suzy experience, usually the duration life for washing machine is 5 years even she use it wisely. One day, when she want to wash her cloth she discover the unusual condition on her washing machine.The machine start to make the strange sound when spinning and there has something blocking the water to the machine .Suzy start to panic. She says " Why this machine start to broken now?. I have no money to fix it. Why all these happen to me?" She start mumbling...

If you have your own saving, are you still mumbling like her?
Or even you may prefer to wash your cloth with your hand...


The old man :
Ooo gosh... What happening with my car?
Now my pocket empty even in my ATM, How to fix my car?
With what to fix my car?
Hey you, how you driving my car? What you have done?
How you get the licence? Are you buy it? Now what?
Are you happy?

The young lady:
What? What you had said just now?
You say I buy the licence and I broken your car?
Hey you, have you forgot that you haven't service your car for long time...
Now you want to blame me... Do you know why you not fixed the car?
Because you have no money... You get it... You not have the saving when something like this happen...

Are you start to blame others when something happen? 
It don't work and it never help you to fix the car.

Yeah I admit... Sometime the cloud not always clear. These thing might be happen as Allah want to test. Unless, we have some option although it not the best option as long as we doesn't make the thing may harm ourselves or others. The main thing is always be patient when something happen.

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