Saturday, September 10, 2011

Webify Me... What was that?

Are you using mozilla firefox as your browser?
I found something interesting about this browser.
Have you ever seen these message below (red circle) before browsing?

Before this, I ignore that message and continue my work. But today, I feel.. I want to try something new. I try to click the message. Then they brought me to

It write something about Webify Me!
What does your unique Web look like?
Everyone's Web is a little bit different. Though we're all pulling from the same grab-bag of Internet stuff — travel blogs, political commentary, cat videos — it's unique choices that create your personal Web. Now you can see what your Web actually looks like. All you have to do is answer 20 simple questions and voila! We'll automatically make you a custom collage. Isn't the Web awesome?
OoOo... I see. It how I want to see our unique web. I'm so curious. I want to see my unique web too..
So I click "Get Started"
Then they give me about 20 multiple choice question. Maybe they want to analyze something with my answer. So I answer all the question and they give me the result. Here is my result :

So calm with the background of grass. I like it.
But anybody know what the meaning with all these thing.
It look funny right.


  1. Tak tau nak cakap ape.. maybe saje diorang letak je image ape2 scara random utk buang masa kita kot he he


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