Monday, September 26, 2011

Kuiz Math...

Hurm... Baru cerita pasal kuiz math tadi. Sekarang dah dapat balik kertasnya. Rasa nak tulis dalam bahasa inggeris je. Boleh tak? Boleh laaaaaa....

The question sounds like this :
Suppose you want to determine the relationship between student academic performance and academic load. Let G be the grade point (GPA) obtained fer semester and L be the number of credit hours taken during that semester.

1- Assume that relationship is linear, provide a specific example of the linear function for this relationship.
2- Based on the example that you gave in part (a), identify the independent and dependent variables.
3- Interpret the slope of the function you have written in (a).
4- Sketch the function.

You know what. I feel I sooooo stupid when the lecture revealed the real answer for this question. The answer was so simple and it just give an example only but the example must be reasonable and logic. I bet you can answer this question as well. And you know what, I feel soooooo shame because I failed to perform well because of this question. Some of my friend almost get full marks and able to answer to this question. But I??? 

I don't know why I can't understand this question for the first time I see this question. Something stuck on my mind. You know what, I feel sooo down and lost the interest to study this subject. But as my lecture said earlier during our first meeting, she will thread our class differently. She set the question not kind of straight forward question and she test our understanding somewhere around. Sometime, I want to see her and seek some advice from her. The one thing she could tell every class is always be smart. Be smart person. Don't be the person who only follow and doing such a messy thing without thinking.

P/s : Sorry guys for this entry, I have to write this in English.


  1. i really don't get the answer too, sobs T__T

  2. he he he... jap kang aku baca ape ko tulis nih


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