Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Gamsahabnida, eonni.

Takleh nak post kat facebook.
Nanti ada orang jeles. haha
Boleh post kat sini.
Tak di ketahui sesiapa. haha

My big sister give an advice to me.
3 Keys that lead to success

She also said,
study hard, study smart.
All the best for your finals.
*Ask for your parents' and lecturers' blessing too.

I will.
This is my last semester.
I need to be the best!

P.s : I'm still wondering for the job.
Whether to go to big four, work for government,
make own business or find design jobs.
I love design but I don't like routine work.
or should I be a housewife.
Then married first lah.

Topik hangat lepas ni... Bila nak kawen cik kak oiii???
esok pun boleh.erkk

Itu semua akan datang.
Fokus yang sekarang. The Finals Exam
Belum tentu grad lagi ni. Jangan nak berangan lebih.

Saranghae eonni.

Thanks for being a big sister for me.
I can feel how to have a sister.
Although I'm already the eldest in my family.
Thanks a lot.

P.s : Broken english. Malay-English

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