Tuesday, April 19, 2011

External Hard Disk- Buffalo

Full overview product (external hard disk) : Click here

1-  HD-PCTU3 series <---Click here for full detail

- 5.0Gbps USB 3.0
- Backward compatible – 480Mbps USB 2.0 and 12Mbps USB 1.1 connections
- Sleek design - slim and lightweight
- Plug-n-Play - Ready for immediate use
- USB powered - No power supply needed 
HD-PCT500U3/B (500GB Black)
HD-PCT500U3/W (500GB White)
HD-PCT1TU3/BB (1TB Black)
HD-PCT1TU3/BW (1TB Black)

2- HD-PCTU2 series <---Click here for full detail

- Slim design and lightweight
- Plug-n-Play - ready for immediate use
- USB powered - no power supply needed
HD-PC500U2/BK (500GB Black)
HD-PC500U2/WH (500GB White)
HD-PC640U2/BK (640GB Black)
HD-PC640U2/WH (640GB White)
HD-PC1TU2/BB (1TB Black)
3- HD-PXTU2 series <---Click here for full detail

- Automatic Hardware encryption (for Windows) protects your data from unauthorised access
- Secure Lock Manager Easy™ software remembers your login details
- Shock Resistant Chassis provides greater protection against accidental damage to your hard drive
- Convenient wrap around flat USB cable
- Lightweight and stylish design
- Automatic setup - no drivers needed
HD-PXT500U2/B (500GB Crystal Black)
HD-PXT1TU2/B (1TB Crystal Black)
HD-PXT500U2/W (500GB Pearl White)
HD-PXT500U2/R (500GB Ruby Red)

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