Friday, April 22, 2011

Be Honest...

   Just now I have googling some info about google adsense. I don't really understand how it work. So I try to find it in other resources. Suddently, I have found some thread in the forum that make me think why I make a blog. You can read here to know what they have post. The reason why I making this blog is
I want to share my experience, my knowledge to other people. You know how hard to find the person like to hear my nonsense story. So I create the blog to write all my nonsense story. I like to share my photo. New photo that I capture my own effort. I want to share my own founder in the internet like interactive exercise for my study. Sometime you may see some topic that I have learn during my class but I write here. If I write here it means that I not really understand that topic but I understanding after I search in the internet. If I have time to do it. (coming soon). Sometime I will write some nonsense post too.
I like naruto...ngeh333

   Sometime I want to improve my English too. That why I write this new post in English. I want to practice my brain to think word in English. Some my entry also in Malay. Next time I will post my entry in Javanese. Actually I want to learn Javanese language because it is my father mother tongue. I always want to cry when my father start to speak with his own language when he meet his family. But I quite master in understanding klantanese but I don't how to speak out in klantanese. But at least I understand it.

   You know what. I start to love blogging. I hope I have time to update my blog. For now I still have time to update my blog but if you see my blog not updating and no new entry it means I start to busy my study. Thank you for your willingness to visit my blog and your willingness to read my nonsense entry.

Thanks to google chrome because always correcting my spelling.

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