Thursday, April 21, 2011

Comodo free product

   Our computer need utility and firewall to protect our data in the computer. We need utility to clean up unnecessary data and improve the performance of the computer. With these protection, we can use our computer comfortable without any problem with virus, hacker or other hazard that can destroy the computer. Here I have found the software from comodo. They provide free utility and firewall for ordinary user like us.

The free product include:
1- Internet security
2- Comodo Antivirus
3- Comodo Secure e-mail
4- Secure Messaging
5- Anti Malware
6- Anti Span
7- Verification engine
8- Comodo backup
9- Comodo Disk Encryption
10- Free e-mail certificate.
11- Comodo Dragon
12- Comodo cloud scanner
13- Comodo system-cleaner
14- Comodo programs manager
15- Comodo time machine
16- Hopstuf
17- Comodo Firewall

comodo free-protection <---Click here to download

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