Monday, January 14, 2013

Rahman, Ya Rahman by Shaikh Mishary Al-Afasy

Let me show you a very nice nasheed here.
Lend me you ear for a while to hear the nasheed.

If you have a problem to watch Youtube, you can read the lyric in English version below.
This song in Arabic + Russian version.

Lyric :
Rahman, O Rahman
Aid me, O merciful
Fill my heart (with love) of Quran

Open my chest ti the Quran
and pour the Quran down in my life

For Allah
my desire for Allah is passionate
So I can learn the book of Quran
to start with Bismillah
for it closure (Quran) and his approval

O nur (The Light), O nur (The Light)
O Quran, (you) descended to the graduate
Unto Muhammad SAW, by jibreel
guided by the lord of the throne
For man, and all that exist

Takbir..., Takbir
Allah is the greatest
For the one, While young, Who has learned the Quran
the eyes illuminate with serenity and content
bearing the light of the dawn, shining
and the universe enriched with the recitation

Allah Allah
O, Allah, gather us together
by your book, and make it a benefit for us
make it our fortress
our tranquility, and our eternal guide

P/s : Really nice song. Agree?


  1. It's beautiful beautiful!! May Allah bless us with the knowledge of Quran!


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