Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Friendship live in Doa'

as long as 
FRIENSHIP live in the doa, it remain ABADAH

Does it means that I must always positive thinking to think they always remember me?

I give up to think other people business.
But what can I do,
I can't live without them.
I need someone to be my friend.

Why people not treat me well?
Why they throw away me like that?
If they doesn't want to be my friend just say it.
Just say you hate me.
Don't make me waiting like crazy people.
Send you sms... But you doesn't reply...
Waste my time to worry you...
Everything I do for you..
Even sometime it look like not necessary to help you...

I think I'm too kind...
Yeah... I'm too kind...
I cannot control my kindness...
I hate to feel like this... 

P/s : I'm frust with my former friend. I hate them. After this, I need to make my life busy as busy I can. Although my life become busy, it doesn't mean I have to skip what that has been obligated to me. I just want to stay away from thinking other people business. That all.


  1. same resolution? coincident... :)

  2. dear bella, in this world we shouldn't depend on people.
    Always remember that everything is not permanent and no one is perfect.
    if we keep depend people to make us satisfy and happy then we'll easily think negatively about people.
    and one more my dear friend, its okay if people did not taking care of us as the most important thing is we do our obligation,which is taking care of other people.Because we cant't live alone without thinking of our brothers and sister in Islam outside there.
    May Allah bless us for each thing that we did because of Him.
    Its okay if we didn't get anything in this world because our ultimate aim is in the here after.

  3. Thanks again my friend...
    I always remember this... :)


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