Monday, June 30, 2014

Strange feeling sensation. Why?

Do you ever feel that you have fall from high cilff?

Strange Falling Sensation

If yes, do you ever wonder why that happen?
I do experience it. Sometimes. Hehe

I try to search the answer and found it from yahoo answer.
The most scientific answer is it happen due to Hypnic Jerk.

""Hypnic Jerk" which results during the transition to Rapid Eye Movement or REM stage of sleep. It's the point where your body relaxes its muscles and a feeling of weightlessness occurs. It sometimes happens when you are still aware of your senses, the sensation scares you so you 'jerk' awake. It's caused by sleep deprivation, fatigue, sleep anxiety, or discomfort. (Ick, 2012)"

Sources of picture: link
Another answer is...

"Dreams about falling means you are feeling insecure, or are anxious about something in your waking life. (dancnthedream, 2012)"

I have experience this too but I do not know when it is happens. Suddenly I feel that I have fall from high cliff. I just experience it for the short period. There has two theories which can be explained why this strange feeling sensation happen.

Based on the article from "no sleepless night", the first theory is happen as a normal part of the nervous system relaxing and slowing down. It happens when your breathing slows down, temperature drops and your muscles relax. It occur because of the muscle relaxation. Another theory is while relaxing as you fall asleep, your brain gets confused and thinks you are falling. So it sends signals to the arms and legs to move to an upright position, resulting in the jerking sensation.

However, this strange feeling sensation need to pay attention if it happen often.

P.s : Alright. This post had answer my question. hehe

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