Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Solstice

First Day Summer, Doodle by Takashi Murakami 2011
Apakah itu summer solistice?
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Summer Begins with Solstice
Warmer and longer days signal the coming of the summer season. On around June 21st every year locations north of the equator officially start summer. On the Summer Solstice the Sun reaches its highest point in our skies and we get to enjoy the longest daylight hours of the year.
During this entire season the Earth’s northern axis is slightly tilted toward the Sun allowing the Northern Hemisphere to receive more direct sunlight and experience warming temperatures. At the same time locations south of the equator are tilted away from the Sun, so that the sunlight is more spread out, offering less heat – marking the beginning of their winter season. Skywatchers will notice that throughout the spring, the Sun’s midday position in the sky slowly rises higher and higher. Meanwhile, the Sun appears to slowly migrate towards the north day by day, rising farther from the east and setting farther from the west until it reaches its northern limit on the summer solstice.
For observers in the Northern Hemisphere on the first day of summer and a few days afterward the Sun appears to rise at the same place on the horizon – hence the origin of the word solstice, meaning ‘Sun stands still’ in Latin. From this moment onward the days start getting shorter and the nights longer. The Sun appears to begin its pilgrimage back in the opposite direction, heading south for its winter retreat at the December solstice, only to repeat its annual rhythmical cycle across the sky once again.
- Andrew Fazekas

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