Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nothing... About Bengkel Pemasaran

   It quite long day I haven't updated my blog. That not because I busy (actually yes). Busy playing Plant VS Zombie game and study some subject that I taken now. Also busy sleeping. What I want try to say here is...
I miss my family. Yeah.. Why I need to say here. But it seems they not miss me. Are they really miss me? That absolutely they miss me. I keep imagine they come here to see me just few minute. That really ridiculous. But my home not really far here. It take 1 hour to reach here. Hmm... I think I just keep it as my dream only. Let we proceed to another story.

  Yesterday I have attending one of the hot program in UIA. It is hot? Yeah really hot. We call it as "Bengkel Technologi Promosi & Pemasaran". This program really awesome. I got many benefits and knowledge there.

Hmm... Here is what I got there...
You can click to my friend blog to see what I get --> Amalina
I recommend you to click. Otherwise you miss something important especially if you want to get involve in e-commerce.. Thanks to Amalina because she has summaries everything and I really like her notes.
Thanks a lot.

I keep thinking why my ICT assignment last semester, we got not really high mark. Last semester, my lecture has assign us to make one free web hosting based on e-commerce. So I really don't know what is e-commerce thing and what should I put on my web. So now I know.

Wanna see our instant blog after this Bengkel?
Check it out--->
We make it almost 30 minute during the Bengkel. That only replica. We still don't have the stock.
But in future planning, we really want to sell teddy bear. It is because one of our group member say her friend have a stock of teddy bear and she really don't know where to sell the teddy bear. It sound like fairy tale. But anyway, if the fairy tale story is true then the blog is working. We can sell teddy bear there. Hahaha...
I can't wait anymore.

How our blog look like.


  1. daa, mmg tak rugi kan datang bengkel ni. :)

  2. Betul333...
    Sangat2 tak rugi...
    Nak test power follow step yg dah bagi tu kat blog ni...
    Kalau menjadi bleh la buat kat blog lain pula...hehehe


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