Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It is haram to feed a cat? It is true?


I wanna ask you again. It is haram to feed a cat that has no owner. You see the lonely cat that hungry, then you not allowed to feed them because it is haram to feed them. Especially if you see the lonely cat at the mahallah. Which is near to your block and your room. I heard this statement from someone. 

Why it is haram to feed a cat? 
The reason they give me is because the cat is dirty. They living somewhere else. They has no owner want to feed them, to clean them, to take care of them. When you feed the cat, it will attract the cat to stay near to the block. When the cat hungry, it will come to your room and ask the food. After eating, the cat will go anywhere they like. It splits everywhere and make some dirty outside your room. It also may disturb other people that allergy with cat or has asthma. It also make the work load to the cleaner to clean the cat faeces.

But wait a second. 
I admit that the cat will bring the disaster to some people and place. But why we need to say that it haram to feed the cat? Can't we just say that, if you really want to feed the cat, just feed them at the place that the cat may not disturb other people. 

For example, if you see lonely and hungry cat near your room and you want to feed them, you need to feed the cat away from your room. The things that you really need to remember about the cat is when you start to feed the cat in front of your room, it will come to your room again and ask the food. And they also leave the faeces in front of your room. That is the habit of the cat. You can't scold the cat because they leave the faeces in front of you room. It is your fault because you feed the cat in front of your room. 

So, the best way to feed the cat is you bring the cat far away from your room and other people room. And also, if can, you bring the cat near to the cafe. It also help them to be independent for searching their own food when they feel hungry.

The moral of the story is don't easily put the "hukum" about something because it look bad. Sometime, we need the resolution and strategy in solving the certain problem.

P/s : That is my opinion about that issue. How about yours?

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