Friday, February 01, 2013

My fault, My regret, My guilty... Again!

I need someone to talk.
But I don't know who I can tell all of these things.
My life becomes miserable now.

Yeah, I need to admit.
Be praise to Allah for giving me a chance to pass my exam
Even though my cgpa and gpa falling down.
Everything is ok.
I know my mistake.
I'm not serious in seeking knowledge.
I'm playing around.
Doing unnecessary things.
Lazy in revising the subject.
Just knowing to complaint everything.
Complaining the lecture, the books, the assignment...
The people surrounding me.
I just know how to complain.
But never know how to appreciate it.

I need to set a goal.
I need to search the purpose.
Why I'm being there?
Living in that university, comes to the class every day and learn.
What's the purpose?
Are you just blaming that subject become tougher and more tougher?
And you accepted that fact without finding a way to master the subject?
Where your strategy?

Come on...
Don't waste your time.
Don't waste taxpayer money.
You are not from the rich family.
How you want to support your family, my dear.
Please wake up my dear...

P/s : Now I feel uneasy when my parent asks about my result...
Why I don't realize it before???
Now I start feeling guilty...
I'm now working out my potential and effort into maximum..
What a waste...


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