Tuesday, February 05, 2013

First day in sem 2, 2012/2013

How my first day?
Not bad...
Early in the morning, I get motivation booster.

Method of Da'awah textbook just to cover chapter 1 and 2 only...
Another chapter.......... cover in slide... uhu
Then, need to make use with the Bahasa Melayu class..
After 5 years I left my secondary school, today is the first time I heard teacher address herself as Cikgu.
Yeah, that is Bahasa class and it only happens in that subject. We need to use Bahasa Melayu baku in the class and we can speak in Malay in that class without limitation. I feel so heavenly.

At afternoon I have financial management II class.
Woah... I can't imagine how "interesting" the subject it is.
Bare in mind that every semester the subject becomes tough.
Wish me luck...

My last class for today (yesterday) is Organizational Behavior. 
I will learn about human behavior in an organization.
It looks interesting plus we learn it in the small class.
We can interact more with the lecturer.
Why I hate this subject before?
Maybe getting trauma with the fundamentals of this subject before.

Tomorrow (today)
I have Econometrics I class and Usul Fiqh II class.
After that queuing to get RM250 book voucher.
I need a book to read while waiting my turn to get the voucher.
May Allah gives me strength and patient to go through all the difficulty.

P/s : Remember what I have learned today.
Good night all the readers and recite the do'a before sleep.

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