Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halfest - Halal Fiesta Malaysia 2011

What is HALFEST?

From the founder of MIHAS, we bring you the local fiesta of the year! HALFEST – a halal fiesta exposition created to strengthen and to further stimulate the local halal industry before venturing into the global market. HALFEST further aims to be the platform in developing the halal market locally.

HALFEST – the perfect platform for halal manufacturers and service providers to promote and market their products to the local consumers while enhancing business relationship between the players in the industry with the local consumers.

HALFEST – benefits the local scene by aggressively promoting halal products and services and their stakeholders to the centre of attention of Malaysian Muslims and the public generally.

HALFEST is definitely buzzing with excitement and lively activities! Cooking demonstrations, quizzes and games, promising an unrivalled networking ground while providing a platform to address the concerns about the integrity of halal products in the mind of all halal consumers.

Products & Services Showcased

1- Halal Consumables
Food and beverages, meat, poultry, seafood products, halal certified organic products, raw food materials, food chemical, emulsifiers and ingredients, additives, canned food, processed and ready-to-eat products, preserved fruits and vegetables products, chocolate and dairy products, confectionary, biscuits, pastries, snacks and candies, health supplements and multivitamins, pharmaceutical and herbal products.

2- Non-Food Products & Services
Perfumery, toiletries, cosmetics, body care, leather goods.

3- Islamic Investment, Banking & Takaful
Islamic Financial Institution and Consultants, Islamic Banking, Islamic Unit Trusts, Islamic Capital Markets, Takaful (Insurance), Hibah (Wills).

4- Government Agencies & Associations
Government Agencies, Islamic Development Bodies, Halal Certification Agencies, Food Research & Development Centres, Trade Development Agencies, Halal parks, tourism board.

5- Food Packaging, Machinery & Catering Equipment
Ovens and cooking devices, cutlery, cooking utensils, kitchenware, glassware, serving equipment, food storage containers, food storage facilities, food processing and packaging machinery.

6- Halal Certified Premises
Abattoirs, hotels & restaurants, catering services, fast food franchises, bakeries, delicatessens.

7- General Muslim products
Religious publications and accessories, boutique style muslimah fashions and accessories, religious accessories and Islamic related products by Bumiputera Muslims

More information, click [Here]
List Exhitors : [Here]
Brochure Halfest : [Here]
Floorplan : [Here]

P/s : Pameran yang sangat bagus untuk kumpul maklumat tentang halal industri. Selain itu, boleh dapat maklumat tentang produk halal dalam industri pharmaceutical, food and beverage dan lifestyle sector. Memudahkan kerja untuk siapkan assignment Fiqh 1... Nak kena sediakan soalan yang best2 ni. Korang pun jomlah pakat2 pergi pameran ni.

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