Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bi taufiq wa najah for final exam

Maybe this will be the last post for this month (I hope so).
Wish me luck for my final exam for this semester.
Quite nervous because it is the first semester I enter the majoring courses.
The subject too though and interesting.
Good luck to all IIUM student.
And also not forget
 to the junior who will enter into cfsiium next month.
thanks for you because manage to full my comment box.
I love to reply your comment too.
Good luck to you and happy taaruf week.
we as super senior always welcoming you.
P/s : Banyak pula berceloteh.
Sambung balik baca buku...


  1. good luck for ur exm
    semoga allah memprmudahkn segala urusn :)
    saya pon nak exm
    tp lg bpe minggu:D

  2. Selamat berjaya!!

    Yes!Ema tak sabar nak masuk CFSIIUM!..nak study untuk EPT and APT exam nanti

    1. Selamat berjaya juga...
      Good luck.. ^^


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