Saturday, September 17, 2016

Thank you

Thank you so much.
You have stab into my heart.

Who am I to you?
Just a flies fly next to your ears.
Disturbing your ears and want me to disappear forever.

I have nothing to give you as a friend.
I can't go anywhere.
can't hang out with you.
can't buy you a present.
can't be with you in any condition either good or worst.
Too poor to be with you.
Always leave a burden to you.
Like a baby can't handle herself.
I'm not funny.
I'm like a human with no soul.
I'm too far from you even we are close each other.

I'm turning into new leaf.
Not the green leaf but grey leaf.

Goodbye my lovely self who always be cheerful, understanding and positive to people.
Welcome my bad self who lost trust to person who calls "friend".
Sorry to my new fellow friends and not forget my ex-friends.
It will takes a very long time to make me trust you.
I can be cheerful, understanding and positive to people but just for certain occasion.
Try be kind with me.
I won't remember what kindness you have done to me even the worst action you have take to me.
I just let that memory goes.
Because the memory that you had left to me really hurts me when you act like we never meet before.

Like someone said to me, You are a beast who can't see the kindness of people and even do not know how to appreciate it. Yeah that's me. I'm living in that way.

Barakallahu fik
May Allah bless your wedding till Jannah.

P.s : Post ni ditujukan kepada sister tu.
Bukan brother tu ye.
Sampai hati kawen tak jemput.
Siapalah saya ni.
Masih lagi konfius.
Aku ni just kawan sembang ye.
Kawan teman makan, kaunselor, teman pergi program.
Rapat semacam tapi just jadi kawan spare part je.
Ke aku yang terlebih perasan.
Oklah biar aku perasan sorang2 sudah.
Sister tu tak salah.
Aku je kawan paling teruk kat dunia ni.

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